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Light Party, Saturday 28th September, 4pm at St Alban's Church

At the end of October, the clocks go back, the night time starts earlier, winter lays ahead, and there is a general feeling of darkness around and it won't get much better for a few months...

As everything becomes darkness, we want to look for the light: the light which will guide us through the darkness, the light which helps us see and brings warmth, the light which is a sign of hope that light will shine brightly once again, but in the meantime we still have some light for our journey.

A light party is a celebration of light- lanterns, candles, bright colours, glo sticks, and perhaps a pumpkin or two... arts, crafts and games which help us explore what light is, and fun things to take away with us to enjoy during those long evenings.

Everyone is welcome to the Light Party, though it is most recommended for Pre-School and Primary School aged children, and their families.  It is free of charge and can be booked here:

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Beth:

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