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Our vision for Ignite 22 was to create the space for ideas to emerge that our parishes could collaborate on further: ideas that would both develop innovative approaches to evangelistic outreach and seek to address issues around social exclusion.


Our aim is to be a pioneering community of churches seeking to reach out and serve in new ways.

We are now planning Part 2 of Ignite 22 -  come join us on Sunday 2nd October 3-5pm to "kindle" what we've started.

Register here or to find out more contact us at



Ignite 22 - Part 1 

At Ignite 22 we discussed ideas across

  • loneliness and grief

  • families and children

  • those who are vulnerable


We had hoped that maybe we would get 2-3 ideas/projects we could take forwards ….

Here you will see a summary of the 29 amazing ideas that emerged - we now need your help us to decide which YOU think will help us with our aims and which ones YOU want to get involved with

Please feedback here or in paper form and return back to church.

Thank you!

Ignite Part 1 - Infographic A4 (1).png
Ignite Part 1 - Infographic A4 (2).png
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