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Kindling the Fire - Come join us on Easter Sunday at dawn for an all-age service around the fire

There's something incredibly special about a dawn service on Easter Day: the feeling of being awake before the rest of the world, the vivid light and colours of early morning, the crisp coldness in the air. It's a sensory adventure!

Usually, at this time of the day, the only people around are the emergency services, and a few bleary-eyed individuals making their way back from a night out. We don’t know from the Gospels when Jesus rose. The Gospel of Mark, the first Gospel to be written, simply tells us that Jesus’ female followers found an empty tomb. In the Gospel of John, Mary Magdalene meets Jesus in the early morning and assumes that he’s the gardener. Either way, the wondrous and shocking truth of Jesus' resurrection from the dead somehow makes sense as the sun comes up on that celebrated day.....

This isn’t a service for a church building: this is a service for the open air.

There's a fire at the heart of it, a powerful symbol of new life and light.

And haven't communities always shared stories around a campfire? Christians are no different!

We tell the story, once again, of how an empty tomb turned everything upside down, and changed the course of history. With prayers, songs and bread and wine shared, we represent the truth at the heart of the human condition: life can be beautiful and terrible, but God walks with us through it all.

After Jesus died, his closest friends returned to their fishing boats - devastated, afraid and alone. Until they saw their friend again: sitting on the shore, bearing his scars, inviting them to come and have breakfast with him. So, naturally, we do the same: when our service is done, there'll be bacon butties all round!

Happy Easter!

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