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IGNITE 22: The next frontier!

We - in Cheam, Worcester Park and Belmont - have been part of an exciting journey over the past few months, identifying opportunities to collaborate across churches in service of our communities. Over 30 ideas have emerged so far and we've met both in-person and online to ponder, discuss and sift these ideas down to 4 priority areas: 4 Priority Areas 1. Knitting/Sewing/Cooking Groups 2. Loneliness/Anxiety/Grief Groups 3. Cost of Living Support/Advice 4. Supporting Families with SEND/Outreach to Children with Disabilities On Sunday 2nd October, we'll be meeting from 3-5pm at St Bede's Conference Centre (located in St Raphael's Hospice in North Cheam, SM3 9DW). We would LOVE you to join us there, as we plan how to move things forward. All are welcome, even if you've not been part of the discussions so far: the more, the merrier on this journey!

Please extend the invite to others, either in the churches or in the wider community, if you think they have a particular interest in any of these areas. And don't forget to register for the event here: Thank you - we look forward to seeing you on Sunday 2nd! Steph & Melody

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