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Ignite '22 - Can You Help Create A New Vision For Our Local Area?

What Is Ignite ‘22?

This year, in 2022, things are a-changing across our local area. Three parishes - Worcester Park, Cheam and Belmont - have come together to make things happen and, if you haven’t met them already, our clergy team has grown and changed, too. We now have Beth, Hannah, Nick, Francesca and Steph, working together with ministers and leaders from other churches, to serve our communities. And, needless to say, we are hopeful we’re facing the final curtain of a pandemic…

So now the time is here….to turn aside, for a while, and to see where the wind of change and growth may be leading us.

We would LOVE you to become one of our ‘fire starters’ and come with us on a journey: bringing sparks of ideas, igniting them, and working with others to bring to fruition our hopes and dreams for this local area.

Do you mean me?!

Yes - we want you!

You’re relatively new to our churches?

You’ve been worshipping with us for a while but still don’t feel part of things?

You’ve been part of one of our churches for years, but you’ve still got something to add?

You’ve got ideas about what we should be doing within our local communities?

You’ve felt - up to this point - that there have been barriers to putting your ideas into practice?

And maybe – just maybe - you’re the sort of person who has 10 new ideas before breakfast.

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then this day could be for you.

Register here

Okay but what’s the commitment?

Well, that depends on what we spark and can ignite going forwards. We want to be flexible, we want to do Something different, we want to effect change. The commitment will change as we move on the journey.

But what we’re asking for initially is 3 hours on 22 May from 2-5pm (further details about the venue will be made available soon) - come with your ideas and prepare to share them with others.

Then what?

We hope to come up with a few change projects we want you to help us define, shape and make happen.

If you’re not sure but interested –

  • speak to one of team (Beth, Hannah, Nick, Francesca or Steph) or

  • email at

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