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Holy Week and Easter At Home

There is a wealth of activity online for marking Holy Week and Easter. You can join in with our services in Cheam Parish, or you can look further afield.

If you are looking for some inspiration, the following are recommended:

  • Chelmsford Diocese has some excellent resources for each day of Holy Week on its website - found here.

  • The 'Engage Worship' also has some fun a creative ideas - found here.

  • Godly Play videos of the Faces of Easter and the Easter Mystery are excellent. This are aimed at children but are great for adults as well!

  • Just get creative! Make a giant cross using what you can find in the garden. Make an Easter garden or picture.

Diddy Disciples have also added a special 'Church at Home' section to their website. This is more general than just Holy Week, but excellent for younger children.

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