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Guess who's back - back again 🎶 ...

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Umm - it's me Sunday School ....

We’re excited to be restarting face to face Sunday School and our All Age Eucharists - let’s admit it there’s a fair amount of Zoom fatigue!

See below for details from our churches St Dunstan’s, St Alban’s and St Oswald’s.

St Dunstan’s Sunday School - Autumn 2021

Date Time What

Sunday 3rd October 9.30am Sunday School - Harvest

Sunday 10th October 9.30am Harvest Festival All Age Eucharist (children

in the service)

Sunday 7th November 9.30am Sunday School

Sunday 21st November 9.30am All Age Eucharist (children in the


Sunday 5th December 9.30am Sunday School - Christmas

Sunday 19th December 11.15am Sunday School Nativity Play (expect

organised chaos!) and Christmas


Sunday 9th January 9.30am Sunday School

Note - maybe you haven’t come to our church before or are worried about the little ones making noise? Please don’t - you’ll find space at the back of church for the younger ones and the older ones tend to congregrate at the front left side of church - you’ll see them!

St Oswald’s Sunday School meets every Sunday at 10am.

St Alban’s Sunday School runs term time on Sundays at 10.45am

Don't forget - for the older children you can join the choir or serving team and look out for news on communion in the coming year.

For further information - see our website or follow us on Facebook.

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