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God, Faith, And Coronavirus - A Series Of Conversations

The present pandemic has presented us all with a unique set of circumstances and plenty of challenges to go with it. With our church doors closed and worship confined to the virtual world, what can we learn about the place and role of faith in the current crisis?

We will be holding a series of discussion groups on Zoom to reflect on some of these questions. This is a chance to have your say, to speak your mind, and to ask the questions which baffle you. Each session will consist of a time of informal conversation and will end with a service of Compline (Night Prayer).

If you wish to take part in these discussions and would like details of how to join, please email the Rector, the Reverend Dr Nicholas Peacock (

Session 1: 8pm Tuesday 5th May

Where Is God In The Coronavirus Pandemic?

This is perhaps the most important question we should be asking. Yes, we can pray. Yes, we can continue to practise faith in our homes. But where is God in all of this?

Here are two items to get you thinking before the discussion:

1. A post on our parish Facebook page:

2. An article from Giles Fraser:

Session 2: 8pm Tuesday 12th May

The Images And Iconography Of Coronavirus

In preparation for this session, when you are on your daily exercise, take a picture of the things you notice that are different. What images are people putting in their windows and around their homes? How does the High Street look? What signs are on display in shop windows? Send these pictures to

We will look at these images and reflecting on our responses, we will consider what they might tell us about our society and how they might inform our faith.

Session 3: 8pm Tuesday 19th May

Experiencing Church In Isolation

Amongst many other things, church worship is about gathering together regularly as a community of faith. By the time of this session, in all likelihood we will have been unable to do this for nearly two months. Some questions to think about in preparation for this session:

  • How has the experience of ‘virtual worship’ been for you?

  • What does it feel like not to be able to go into church?

  • What has church meant to you during this crisis?

  • To what extent has this changed your understanding of and relationship with God?

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