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Disrupting the ordinary and the mundane

I’m delighted to be hosting two retreats this autumn. Perhaps you think of a ‘retreat’ as something far away from where you currently are; something that requires carving out a significant chunk of time, in order to escape from the day to day realities of your life. Or maybe you think that a retreat isn’t for someone like you. It must be for people far ‘holier’ or more obviously connected to the life of the church.

If either or both of these things are the case for you, then let me share some good news. You don’t have to escape your life, in order to find it! Both of these retreats are happening right here: one will take place virtually, and the other will take place in-person at Worcester Park Baptist Church.

Zoom is a great tool for hosting online retreats, and I use it regularly for those who live in other parts of the country, those who suffer from social anxiety, and those for whom it’s just incredibly convenient. You can have a taste of the retreat experience, from the comfort of your own home. Meeting in-person has a different flavour to it, but the content is very similar. My retreats involve prayer, guided meditations, periods of silence and stillness, time to walk and think, and creative activities. As well as times of (optional) sharing with other pilgrims on the road!

Retreats like these are for anyone who feels that they need some time and space to connect with God. I love this quote from Gillian T.W. Ahlgren:

All human beings are pilgrim people. We are constantly searching for meaning. We want coherence and order, even as we often need to disrupt the ordinary and mundane in order to reconnect with what matters to us.’

Sometimes, a little disruption of the day-to-day rhythms is all that’s needed to tune in a bit more easily to God’s ongoing invitation. We’re surrounded by so much noise, all of the time, and it’s both surprising and wonderful when we hear God’s still, small voice speaking words of comfort, love and peace.

You don’t need to be ‘holy’, in anybody’s eyes. All you need is the desire to come – let God do the rest.

Rev Steph

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