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Coronavirus - the latest position in our churches

Coronavirus is a fast-changing situation. Here in our parish we will do all we can to protect our parishioners and will follow government and advice and the advice of the Church of England in all respects. Currently in church services:

  • Public worship will continue;

  • We expect everyone to wash hands when they come into church;

  • We are practising no touching, which means:

  • We use the BSL peace;

  • We will not touch people who come forward for a blessing;

  • There will be no collection plate passed around – place your offerings on the plate by the door as you come in or leave;

  • We will receive communion in one kind only, with the priest receiving the wine on behalf of everyone.

In wider church life:

  • We will be pulling together a continuity and contingency plan in the coming days;

  • All catering is suspended (teas, coffees, food etc);

  • Gatherings and meetings will go ahead for the time being;

  • We will follow best hygiene practice across our church life;

  • We encourage those who feel unwell not to come to church;

  • If you are self-isolating – or indeed unwell with Coronavirus – please let us know.

In a more positive step, we are exploring the possibility of setting up some form of wider support group across Cheam, especially for the most vulnerable in our community. This might involve offering practical and emotional help to those who may be unwell or self-isolating, and making sure that there are ways of keeping in touch. If you would be interested in offering help, please email the office.

One thing we can do is to pray, to hold this situation before God in our hearts and minds. The following prayer was written by Andrew Nunn, the Dean of Southwark Cathedral.

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