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Coronavirus - Getting Cheam Mobilised??

Coronavirus is clearly a huge concern at the moment and many of us will be feeling anxious about the rapidly changing situation. Without wanting to fuel panic, many of us in Cheam are likely to be affected by the virus in the weeks and months to come. It will have an impact on our community.

We would like to see if there is any interest in setting up some form of group which could offer help to anyone in need as a consequence of Coronavirus. This could involve many things – practical help for those who have to self-isolate or who are ill, emotional support for those who are elderly or otherwise vulnerable, motivation for those who have to work from home. There are plenty of possibilities but we will need volunteers to make it happen!

If you think you might be interested in exploring this further, please send a message to our Parish Office –

Nick Peacock (Rector)

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