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Bearing fruit at St Dunstan's

At our Family Service in March, we heard the parable of the fig tree, where an unfruitful tree, was given a second chance by the gardener, so that it could bear fruit.

We talked in groups about how God gives us second chances, and how he wants us as a church and as individuals to bear fruit (when Jesus talks about bearing fruit, he means doing good things for God).

People shared their ideas on post-it notes, which we put on a tree.

Lots of people shared how they had appreciated it when they had been given a second chance.

And many shared their thoughts about how St Dunstan’s could change to bear more fruit

Here are some of the ideas:

  • Relationships - We can grow more relationships and friendships, and share more with others

  • Events and outreach– We can start and grow new things, like the Coterie, and restart some things that stopped during COVID, like the drop-in and toddler group

  • Hospitality – We could have more of this, including food and drink

  • Social concern – We could do charitable and missionary work

  • Church building - We could use the church differently, changing our use of space, lighting and adding colourful decoration

  • Church services - We could have more interactive church services, with more active participation, and a wider variety of styles of music and worship for people of different ages

  • Children and Young People - We could have more events, and closer communication with St Dunstan’s School

Thank you to everyone who took part and shared their ideas.

What next?

We’re thinking carefully about how to take some of these ideas forward. We would welcome any input from you.

Ignite 22 ...

One important way is our upcoming event, Ignite 22, in May – when people representing all 5 of the churches in our group will have a chance to see how we can take these and other ideas forwards. Further details to follow soon ...


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