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Refusing to Enemies: voices of hope in the Holy Land

Refusing to be enemies: voices of hope in the Holy Land

An evening of real-life stories, conversations & questions

with the Revd David Hardman, Methodist Liaison Office, Jerusalem

Wednesday 6th December, 8pm

Martin Way Methodist Church, Buckleigh Avenue, SW20 9JZ

If the horrific attacks on Israel by Hamas on October 7th shocked the world, the subsequent military response from the Israeli government and the resulting (and ever-rising) death toll has seemingly divided it. Calls for an immediate end to the killing, and protest marches demanding justice and peace, have sparked controversy. This age old conflict is one that many of us feel ill equipped to talk about, yet we will undoubtedly have questions that we would like to raise if we could.

The Revd David Hardman is a Methodist minister who served city-centre, inner city & suburban congregations in Manchester and London, and worked for Christian Aid as Senior Regional Coordinator in the North West, before joining the Joint Public Issues Team as interim Methodist Team Leader and Deputy JPIT Team Leader (see

In September this year, David left these shores to take up a position in the Methodist Liaison Office in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (IOPT). Launched in October 2012, the Methodist Liaison Office, Jerusalem, seeks to engage the world Methodist family in Christ’s ministry of peace, justice, truth, and mercy among all peoples living in the Holy Land in partnership with the Palestinian Christian community.

Due to the escalation of violence in the region, David is currently fulfilling his role from the UK but is still very much in touch with local people who are living in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, as well as with organisations who continue to work for Human Rights in the region.

We are delighted that David is able to join us on the evening of Wednesday 6th December. As well as sharing something of his work with the Methodist Liaison Office, and providing a little background to set the current outbreak of violence in a wider context, he will bring us personal stories and images of day to day life under occupation.

Perhaps most importantly, this evening will offer us all a chance to get involved in the conversation and wrestle with questions theological and political.

Needless to say, we very much hope that you will be able to join us. David is keen to engage with those questions that are most pressing for us. It would therefore be really helpful if you could submit these in advance via

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