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Muddy Church Comes To St Dunstan's!!

What is Muddy Church? Well - Muddy Church is church outside. It is having a new service that uses nature at its core to help us think about our creator. We want to connect to God, through connecting with creation. Our Muddy Church services have all the elements of a traditional service - we will gather together, we will hear from Gods word, we will explore and respond to God, and we will be sent out into the world changed and renewed. However these elements will all be done outside using what is around is in nature to help us. The service will be interactive and suitable for all ages and other than a massive thunderstorm or unsafe winds it will be happening whatever the weather - so if you are planning to come do dress appropriately for whatever the weather will be. We are surrounded by an amazing world created by God and Muddy Church is simply an attempt to use what God has made to help us to explore who God is in worship. The churchyard at St Dunstan's is large and full of nature and we are blessed to have such a space to host a Muddy Church service.

Come along to find out more!

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