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Lent Course 2021 - From Separation To Restoration: The Exile As A Lens For Life

The Babylonian Exile is one of the most important events in the Hebrew Bible. Like the Exodus, the Exile was key in shaping an Old Testament understanding of God. It is at the centre of many of the prophetic writings, psalms, and histories. Trying to understand the biblical voices of faith from the Exile can help us to understand our own experiences of God today. Our Lent Group will explore four themes that emerge from the Exile – separation, lament, hope, and restoration.

The group will take place on Zoom at 8pm on four consecutive Tuesday evenings – 23rd February, 2nd March, 9th March, and 16th March. Please email Nick, our Rector, if you would like to take part ( He will send out the Zoom meeting details before the first session.

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