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Group Service 2024

We had a great time on Sunday afternoon at St Albans church at our annual Group Service. A big thank you to St Albans for hosting us, and providing amazing refreshments after the service.

This service is always a time to get people from all 5 churches in our group together (St Albans, Christ Church with St Philip, St Dunstans, St John’s and St Oswalds) to celebrate and reflect on what we have done together and to share and dream about what God might be leading us to next.

At the service we reflected on the different gifts and skills that each of our churches brings and the gifts and skills that each of us bring. We wrote them on foot prints which we placed on a path to remember how all our gifts and skills together make the journey possible. We then used flowers to think about our dreams and desires for our churches and the group - what we want to see grow and we placed these with the footprints as our prayers.

Together we have seen God at work is amazing ways over the past two years and we have been able to support each other and strengthen each other to grow and dare and dream. We look forward to the coming year and seeing what will come next as we continue to step out together. Please do continue to pray for our vision and for all that we do together.

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