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Fundraising - St Dunstan's 200 Club

Dear Friends

We hope you are keeping safe and well during this difficult time.

As the fund-raising committee, we are trying to continue to raise the very necessary funds to help St Dunstan’s to continue its work. The 200 Club will be one of the very few fund-raising opportunities available to us until normality returns, and we hope that you will be able to support.

Please click HERE to find the renewal form for this year’s 200 club commencing October for ten months taking us to July 2021. The draw will take place on the second Sunday of each month during the 9.30am service.

Ideally the 200 club should raise £4000 per year half of which is for the church and half for the prizes, however in the past two years the number of players has been somewhat less than the 200 needed, prize monies are dependent on how many people join the club and are paid on a percentage basis.

We need the completed attached application form (with payment if applicable) by Friday 26th September latest. If you cannot remember your method of payment from last year, please contact Barrie Kinchington either by phone or email and he will help you.

Perhaps you have a friend or neighbour who would be interested in becoming a member let us know and we will make sure we get an application form off to them?

Remember you can always have more than one ticket!

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

Thank you & Good luck

The Fund-Raising Team

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