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Family Service - Sunday 15th November

Unfortunately, we will be unable to hold our November Family Service on Sunday 15th November in church because of the lockdown. We will still, however, be having the service - rather than being in church, we will gather on Zoom at 11.15am.

Details for logging on to Zoom will be sent to those who are registered with Sunday School at St Dunstan's and those who had signed up to come along to the service in person. If you do not fall into either of these groups but would still like to be part of the service, please contact the Office. We cannot share these details on line for Safeguarding reasons.

The order of service will be the same as we used in October and can be found here.

We will be thinking about Christ as the Humble King during the service. There will be a chance to design a suitable crown or cup for Jesus. A template for the crown can be found here and a template for the cup can be found here.

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