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APCM - Results of Elections

Following elections at the APCM on Sunday 19th May, our parish churchwardens, Parochial Church Council members, and Deanery Synod representatives for the coming year are:


St Dunstan’s: Jane Dourado and Vacancy

St Alban’s: Iain Graystone and Kevin Mohr

St Oswald’s: Victoria Gray and Paul Thomas


Lay Members of the Deanery Synod:

St Dunstan’s: Ian Tanner (until 2026), and two vacancies

St Alban’s: Catherine Smith and Amanda Daines (until 2026)

St Oswald’s: Claire Winfield and Graham Andrew (until 2026)


Lay Members of the Parochial Church Council: 

St Dunstan’s (until 2027): Julia Hey, Karen Adorjan, Melody Thorpe, Margaret Sheppard

St Alban’s (until 2026): Leanne Coombes, Kate Webber

St Oswald’s (until 2025): Fiona Webster, Frances Shoebridge


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