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Welcome to the UK - welcoming local HK-ers arriving in Sutton

We are delighted to be working in partnership again with Volunteer Centre Sutton’s Integrating Sutton project which was established in March 2022 to support the community of Hong Kongers who have recently settled in Sutton.

We are running a bilingual 6 week "Welcome to the UK" course for Hong Kongers who have arrived in Sutton - using both Cantonese and English with volunteers from both our churches and Volunteer Centre Sutton.

The first session was last week - it was great fun with lots of discussions (and lots of cake of course!). One of the future sessions will be about "Making Friends" and we are looking forwards to our Loaves and Fishes Lunch Club coming along to extend a further welcome to our local community and help us all practice small talk - a truly hospitable welcome!

We have many Hong Kongers on this course who would like to have a Volunteer Buddy, to meet with them once a week, to show them around the local area, offer advice, give recommendations or simply just to chat and catch up!

If you think you might be interested in volunteering to be a Buddy - then please let see more information here and mention Cheam Parish.

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