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Holy Week - Stations of the Cross

(Nicholas Markell - Twelfth Station of the Cross - see below for more information)

Christians have used the Stations of the Cross as an act of devotion for many centuries. They can help us reflect on Jesus' own journey to the cross.

We have made video recordings of the Stations of the Cross which can be used at home during our time of isolation during the current pandemic. The playlist of videos can be found on our YouTube Channel by clicking here. The prayers and readings can be downloaded here.

For each station, there is a reading, a reflection, and prayer. The reflections are taken from Walking the Way of the Cross by Stephen Cottrell, Paula Gooder, and Philip North. We use the reflections from Stephen Cottrell. These are accompanied by illustrations from Nicholas Markell.

The book can be purchased here and the accompanying pack of illustrations can be purchased here.

These recordings can be used as you wish. They can be used in one go, as they might be used in a liturgical Stations of the Cross in Church. They can also be used on their own or in smaller numbers as a daily act of devotion during Holy Week or, indeed, at any other point in the year. If you are using them during Holy Week, you may wish to leave the Fifteenth Station (Jesus is risen from the dead) until Easter Day.

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